Local Tech Repair: Facebook Never deleted my account after years

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Facebook Never deleted my account after years

So after over a year after deleting my #Facebook account and not signing into it.  My wife wanted me to get back on.  When I deleted my Facebook I went through all the trouble of doing it properly.

So I go there to create an account because we'll a year+ later it should have been deleted.  And now I find out that my email is already in use.  This is extremely frustrating to me that they refused to delete my account after so many years.

So I went to sign in with the old password and Yep there is my account.

The first thing I get is a Facebook survey asking if I believe that Facebook cares about its users.  Well the answer to that is I strongly disagree.  Facebook is like a bad stalker that will hoard onto your information even after you jumped through all their hoops and you gave them the months they needed to remove it and still they did not.

Again #Facebook is very frustrating.