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About The Crew

For those that are wondering about me here it is.

I have been working with websites for 13 years and graduated with an IT Management major. 4+ years' experience as IT analyst for the gas and power industry. 8+ years’ experience in IT support functions troubleshooting cyber security, networks, servers, and web technologies. I work as a cyber security analyst detecting and correlating events to detect intrusions. 

I have never said that I know everything as there is always something more to learn and I strive to know what I do not know. I am always looking for ways to improve and learn something new as that is what makes life exciting for me. I hope to pass my passion and knowledge on to people so they can take control of their computer problems and become better net citizens.

For leisure I moderate a few hacking communities and I am an avid business gamer for the past 6 years playing marketing, business development, statistical analysis, group management, and market planning.

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