Local Tech Repair: Bittorrent

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


For those who do not know there has been a lot of talk about how it is bad and that it is piracy. Though bittorrent in the past years have become a huge thing in the tech community.  More and more companies are finding it easier to and more cost effective to user bittorrent to transfer and distribute their files.

For example twitter implemented bittorrent to make their server updates faster. And bittorrent improved their update speed by 75 times as fast. That is a huge improvement when it comes to updating. 

not only that but starcraft 2
is being distributed via bittorrent from their creators to make the download speed even faster, not to mention saving them lots of money on bandwidth. 

bittorrent has evolved over the years where companies are starting to adopt the practices of sharing. 
Different linux distributions are starting to use the power of bittorrent to help save money in bandwidth cost so that they can focus on how to better their product than worry about how much it is going to cost them this month in bandwidth. 

i encourage any bands that are in start up or people wanting to get their software out there to use this wonderful and growing culture around bittorrent and share. 

if your wanting to know what is out there here are some links to legal torrent sites that show what they have listed from their content providers. 

and many more. though you need a torrent software to download these files some good ones are as follows:

if you want to share torrents that you create just use one of the free and public trackers. 

good luck and keep sharing with the world...