Local Tech Repair: Cheating Khan Academy Point Counter in watching videos.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cheating Khan Academy Point Counter in watching videos.

So recently i been little competitive with a few friends in points on Khan Academy. So to get ahead of my friend i figured i watch more videos while i do exercises. i know cheating get points for not even watching videos. though that was little to much work for me. i wanted to get more videos done faster so that i could get some of the larger badges. so i digged in to the inter-working of their javascript to figure out if i could get the points for the videos faster.

so This is how i can watch more than an hours worth of videos in drastically less time.

right now i am in the chrome browser doing this.
the first step is to load the page of a video you want the points for.
next is to right click on the page and hit inspect elements

this will bring up a work space on the bottom of the browser.
go to the network tab like in picture bellow

this shows the network connections coming from the page. once you start the video and get your first points for watching you will notice the logvideoprogress script send out a get request. which is wonderful. we right click on that and get copy location
next we open a new window and paste the location and go to it.

once your on the page just refresh the page till the video_points goes to 750 it won't go pass that.
once your done with that you should have 750 points well before the video is even done playing.

do this for a few videos and you will get a picture like this on your progress page.

just a warning if your using this for a class your teacher may notice that your watching more minutes of videos than there is in that hour which is not possible less you can slow down time.

well i hope you enjoyed.
-local tech repair admin

ps. if someone cares to write a script for this their more than welcome to do so and post it on here to show people


  1. Hey, is there a video that can show the process? When I right click, I dont find the inspect elements?

  2. logvideoprogress doesn't show up.

  3. you are right they changed how their videos work. This method does not work in its current function right now. Sense I have not been on khan academy for months i have not looked to see if there is a work around for it.

    Though if anyone knows a work around I would love to update this post.

  4. just pull up tons of khan academy websites and press watch videoes on all of them