Local Tech Repair: How to setup co.cc domain name to 000webhost.com account.

Friday, August 13, 2010

How to setup co.cc domain name to 000webhost.com account.

Ok i am going to try to walk you through setting up a free domain from co.cc to your free 00webhost.com provider.

lets first start with going to co.cc  and typeing in to the front page the domain name you want.
now click on "check availability"  this will check the availability of the name to see if it is already taken or not. if it is not taken already click on set up. this will take you to a login screen. if you are already a member you can just login if not, right below the login button there should be a join link for you to create a free account.  now that you have that and you can finish filling the info in and login in. 

you should be able to setup the domain name to link to your free hosting service at 000webhost.com 
you will want to set it up to exactly this for the 000webhost service. 

if you already have a free account you can still add a domain and if your creating a new site when it asks you what is your domain name just put your yoursite.co.cc in that box. 

now if you already have a free site and want to use your new co.cc domain name then this is also easy.

first you will need to go:

now click on "Parded Domains"
you will need type in your sitename.co.cc domain name in to the box and then click on park domain. 

this will park the domain and when ever anyone goes to yoursite.co.cc it will take them to your free webhost account and show yoursite.co.cc in the address bar where ever they go. your old free address will also work if you set a free account before you had a domain name. 

hope you like this little tutorial on how to set this up. happy website building.