Local Tech Repair: 000webhost and gzip compression

Thursday, September 30, 2010

000webhost and gzip compression

so i figured i write something on how to enable compression of your php files and your css files with the 000webhost provider.

what you will need to do is create .htaccess file.

in that file you will need to write

php_flag zlib.output_compression On
and save it to your /public_html/ folder

this will compress all your php files

for your scrypt.css you will need to change it to a .php file and add at the beginning

Sry i can't figure out how to add code to blogspot with out it messing things up
and make sure to change your .css extension in your header in your php files.

this will help speed up your website by compressing the data so that the visitors will have to download less.

this will not help speed up your photos or compress them. so still use a small photo format and use thumbs where ever posible to help speed up your website.

also some news is google is developing a photo format that they hope to take on jpg and png for web photo format

it is called right now WebP

for more information on that you can check out