Local Tech Repair: Why I As A Parent Love Linux

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Why I As A Parent Love Linux

So I figure I would write why I love Linux for my family. Most people use windows on this planet and the computer repair industry is very booming because of them. I personally use Ubuntu Linux which is very well designed and done. It has a Gnome Graphical User Interface (GUI) which very basic and easy to use. But, I am not stuck with this for my kids if  I ever wanted to give them my old laptop and make sure that they are using and playing educational games and learning how to use a computer in the mean time there are a plethora of application and different Linux distributions for children.
For instance http://www.qimo4kids.com/ is a OS based on Ubuntu that is targeted for kids to learn using a computer and learn using Linux.
There is also http://edubuntu.org/about which is also another OS dedicated for ages 3 and up.
and what one laptop per child uses http://www.sugarlabs.org which has a wonderful and easy to use GUI. 

Games and Education
Sense I use Ubuntu I will describe a little on how easy it is to install new games or educational software. With Ubuntu all you need to do to search for new software is go to applications and then software center. Think of it as a Free App center kinda like the Apple store but everything is free.

You can search for specific software or you can browse by categories and find different software. This is nice because i can easily get my child a new game or educational software to help them learning typing or just clicking the mouse. Some of the educational software I have used with my family and extended family are the Childsplay software that aims at younger kids learning to use a computer and learning how to sound association and memory games.

Not only is it great for my kids but sense Linux runs better than windows does on older computers i don't have to worry about my old computers being slow like i would if they where running windows.

great thing that comes with Ubuntu is their Ubuntu One https://one.ubuntu.com/ they provide every ubuntu insulation with a free 2 GB backup space that will automatically keep our documents and what ever on your computer you want backed up. This is upgradeable to keep all my family backed up and so if anything goes wrong on a computer i don't have to worry about losing my hard work or my kids hard work when writing papers.

there is a lot of help when it comes to repairing ubuntu. i can out how to fix almost anything by just asking or searching on the ubuntu forums.

But first ubuntu needs to break before i can fix it right. well i have had less problems with Linux than i have had with windows and sense most viruses are programed to take advantage of windows bugs  this helps me stay away from these problems. which means i save money in the long run of computer repairs.  I also don't have to buy any Microsoft Office suite because Ubuntu comes with its own office which is called open office for free again.

Again with the free stuff is that i don't have to pay for any new OS because that is also free.

i could keep going on about how nice Linux is for me and my family but i think i will leave it with this.

linux is great, well designed, kid friendly, and above all loaded with options of free software to save me money.