Local Tech Repair: Making Money off your Website

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Making Money off your Website

So one of the main questions is how do i make money off my website or blog. there are many different type of methods to monetize your website. one the large web advertisers is google adsense. Google pays for your per click that your receive.  Google has different type ads that you can put on your site. they have search ads which allow the person to search the web from your site and you get money if they click on ads in the search. they have content ads that can be targeted to specific content that you want to show. and they have feed ads.  some of these ads you may notice look like the ads  under this post, to the right and left of this post. these ads pay different amounts of money depending on what ad is displaying and how much demand there is for that type of category.  Though these ads a lot of time are blocked by programs like adblock plus so this can reduce the revenue that your receive from your website.  these programs our out there because website administrators sometimes go crazy in the amount of ads they put on their website or just how annoying the ads become on their site.
One thing i think of ads is that they are supposed to add something to your site not take away from it. if the first thing you saw on a website was a large banner ad would you want to continue looking down the page? I wouldn't that or i would just remove the ads on the whole page. it is good to have ads on a page as it helps keep the website running many times with out asking for donations from their users.

But Google adsense is not the only type of ads out there. I personally like Amazon Associates.
Amazon has become very nice in how they do ads. they offer even more types of ads than google does. Though Amazon uses a different type of revenue method, they don't pay per click.  Amazon pays per turn around in store. so if a visitor clicks on one of amazon ads you don't get paid till they buy something.  You may think that this is not as good because you have to wait for someone to buy something before you see any money from that visitor. yes that is one problem though amazon allows you to very much target your audience. for instance if you look at the bottom of this post you will see ads on topics of making money off a website. these i specifically put there and selected each one. this gives you a incredible control over your.
example lets say you where talking about a magazine and you happened to like Website Magazine December 2009. your visitors will be able to see the text with out being interrupted but if they are more interested in that book, game, video, magazine, etc. then they can click on it with out it interrupting their reading.  this is a very non intrusive way of advertising.

if you want to know more about this or more about specifically adsense or amazon then let me know in comments. if you want further reading on how to monetize your website here are some books.