Local Tech Repair: Start Up Blue Screen of Death - Windows

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Start Up Blue Screen of Death - Windows

One thing I have seen a lot of is when a computer blue screens during the start up process. these can be frustrating to fix or even try to fix because you can't even login to your computer to try to run anything to find out what could be wrong. There can be many different things that are wrong if this happens mostly dealing with hardware or system file corruption.

so I will let you know the first thing I will do to try to fix it.  the first thing you would need to do is grab a copy of windows or your computers system recovery cd. From there boot the cd so that the cd will start. how to do this is different on each computer. during the boot process you will generally see a screen with the manufacturer logo on it and around the corners either bottom or top you will see it say hit F10 for setup or hit Esc for boot options or what not. What we want is to boot the dvd/cd drive not the hard drive.  from there we want to let the windows cd to boot up its files and what not and when you get to the options we want to click R for Repair. depending on the version of windows this will be different process. the cd my try to fix the problem on its own. though most the time this fails for the instance that I see the most. I then go in to command line  tool on there.

I start up a program called chkdsk

I use the command "chkdsk c: /r" with out the quotes

what this means is it is going to check the whole partition for the C: drive and force check and repair the disk even if it thinks it is ok.

Almost all the times I have ever dealt with a blue screen during start up is because something on the hard drive failed writing to the hard drive properly or the hard drive got a bad spot on it. this is common on hard drives that are getting old and manufacturers of hard drives add extra space on them to be able to be repaired and you not loss space.
the reason why it is blue screening is because that bad spot on the hard drive was in one of the critical windows system files causing it to throw an error and crash to the blue screen.

If you have had other problems with windows blue screen while starting up leave a comment.

-Admin Local Tech Repair