Local Tech Repair: Adsense vs infolinks

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Adsense vs infolinks

So this blog does not get much in the form of revenue but just a little comparison that I was running on which of these 2 bring in money and which at a higher rate. so if your interested in a small blogs rate difference between the infolinks in text double underline links revenue vs the adsense revenue then read on.

So far i been running both of these ad revenue products side by side on this blog which does not get a huge amount of visitors and does have a fairly large bounce rate but for those that actually read the blog I will be removing the infolinks. here is a little bit why.

i have had in the past month 4 clicks on the infolinks (yes i know that is not much) which brings in a revenue of only $.04 total.
to compare with adsense I have in this month only 1 click (which is even less) but the difference is that the revenue for adsense 1 click was $.66 which by far out ways the infolinks.

so from just an earnings perspective adsense makes more sense.

visual perspective. the more and more I think about the difference between adsense and infolinks the more I start regretting ever putting on infolinks. To me infolinks method of getting clicks is by trying to trick the user into clicking on a link thinking it was something useful that the author posted there. I believe this takes away from the readability and the credibility of the article that the user reads. This is my second reason for not using Infolinks.

Adsense on the other hand gives you much control where to place the ads and what type of ads you do place. from this perspective i do not see the adsense taking away from the page and i try to place the ads in ways that they only ad to the site and not just be the very first thing you see. like an ad in the banner on the top of the page.

Another thing is the reports that infolinks gives you. The lack of info compared to adsense just made me want to use adsense even more. adsense's layout gave me much more options to figure out where exactly the clicks where coming from and it also integrates in with google analytics which is very nice because you can see where on the page the click actually happened and on what pages.

with all these things I believe that adsense by google is by far better than infolinks.

I hope this helps you make a better informed choice about what advertising unit to use on your own site.

your friendly,
local tech repair admin