Local Tech Repair: Blue Screen of Death part 2 (Windows)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Blue Screen of Death part 2 (Windows)

Some of you I am sure are having trouble starting up because of the Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) well let me help you again.

If you have not tried the first part of this then I suggest that you read it and try that.

but if your still having trouble read on.

so recently i had a computer that did not get fixed by just the general making sure the hard drive was fine. the User turned off the computer during a "long" startup and tried to start the computer up again and started to get a BSoD.  
So the first thing I did was the chkdsk to make sure the hard drive was properly written to and that it was not only partially written. when I forced the check it did find some bad sectors and fixed them. and it found quite a bit of bad indexs which was probably contributing to the problem. this never fixed the problem though so i had to go further in and check the actual system files to make sure they where ok.
so I tried to do a
 SFC /scannow
though this would not run because windows had something on start up that it was trying to run. so I had to find a way to run it even though there was something blocking the basic sfc /scannow from running. so I did.
this ran perfectly fine and did what it was supposed to do but for some reason did not fix all the problems  because it still gave a BSoD when starting up. 
but sense the problem most likely was fixed but the start up was trying to start something that did not exist I decided to try the last known good configuration for the start up to get to this you will want to hit F8 when starting up a few times till a black screen with a lot of different options on there shows up. 

should look something like this
but after that was done it started up perfectly and after that I just shut it down which took a while to do but the computer started up perfectly after that. 
hope this helps you fix your BSoD at start up

your friendly,
local tech repair admin