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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ipad 2 vs Netbook

I recently been asked which would be better to get for a youth pastor. An iPad 2 by Apple or a netbook computer? This is a very interesting cause as iPads are becoming very popular for business to think that iPads are the way to go right? well I personally think that a Netbook still out performs a iPad anyday. Lets look at why I think this

Lets first look at the positives for having an iPad 2

good battery life ~10 hours
cheap apps
touch screen
"coolness" factor
some business apps (like keynote)
and its made by apple

Now the with all that it comes to around ~$615 price tag for all that for the lowest end model.
now lets look at some of the internals of the iPad.
It runs at ~.9 ghz slightly under that, which is 2 cores. It can run 2 threads which is not unusual for non Intel processors. And a half a gb of ram. They state that it is 16gb of ram on their site because they can because the hard drive they use is the ram.

now that we have covered iPads lets go on the other perspective on what businesses need.

A business person needs portable and powerful devices, they need cheap priced devices, and they need them to work and last long while using them.

Netbooks Advantages:
cheaper than iPads
have physical keyboard - though small
ability to install actual applications not built for iPads or mobile devices
more powerful
up to 2-4gb of ram
high end processors
cheaper repair costs
USB ports
SD card readers
possibly a VGA out

so this is what i suggested to my friend that was debating between the ipad 2 and a netbook

first of all I told him that he probably wants something that will allow him to do his work fast. He will be using his device for presentations, writing sermons, and other things.
he needs something that he can multi task on and not to mention use Flash on.

I suggested that he get a Atom n550 or a N570 preferably the later.

Here is one of the computers I showed him for his needs that would out perform an ipad and also have much more memory.

You can check out Netbooks Here

so the Asus eee pc
was only ~$330
then you can get a mini mouse for it costing around ~$10
portable keyboard for ~$60
and a 22 monitor for 150
external dvd drive for 33

upgrade ram for ~25

all this adding up to ~608

this is still less than a ipad but you get much more.

when your at home your able to have your stuff connected to your netbook and be able to do heavy processing with your netbook and making it act like a normal desktop computer. But also allowing you to take your netbook on the go and having portability of the netbook.

if your really wanting a touch screen there is always like Asus T101MT-BU37-BK
which is a touch screen netbook and the processor of the N570.

I also suggested that he look in to Ubuntu netbook remix. which with their next release will have multi touch capabilities.

If you have any questions or comments about the netbook vs ipad let us know in comments.
tell us your favorite business apps for the ipad 2 also.

local tech repair admin

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