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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thin Operating Systems - Cloud Computing

In recent years a lot of people have been talking about Cloud computing or thin OS computers. For those that do not know what cloud computing is I will let you know. cloud computing is the process of using a very stripped down OS on a computer and then using the internet connection to connect to a server which has an application on it that you use to do your heavy lifting for the computer processing. For instance using a tablet computer connecting to a server with video or photo editing software that requires lots of ram, hard drive space, and graphic processing to do. This server would do all the heavy lifting for the computer allowing the tablet to do the editing with out lagging. The only problem is security.

so one of the major reasons why people are starting to use cloud computing is because it does have some advantages in the area of security. If your computer gets compromised normally you may loss your data from a virus infection. Though with the cloud you can have that data some where not on your computer so that a virus could not get a hold of it to destroy it.

Though I am a strong believer against cloud computing. Let me explain why I think it is bad.
For one cloud computing requires you to be connected to the internet all the time. This alone has its own problems meaning if you ever don't have internet you can't access your work data or personal applications. Another thing bad with having a constant internet connection is that it means your computer is connected always to the internet and in doing so is always open up for attack.

Second reason is that thin computers don't give any more security. These thin computers are still vulnerable to viruses, worms, rootkits, and malware. Thin computers do give a false sense of security because they paint them as being more secure than normal. For instance

third reason is that your relying on someone else to keep your best interest as their best interest. For instance people trust Facebook with their personal life but Facebook has shown that it leaks or sells your personal information away. They allow apps to collect information about you with out telling you what information they are gathering.

fourth reason is you are relying on someone else to protect your information. Most people rely on someone else to protect your important information like email. Though many times people get hacked and their information is stolen and their email account sends out viruses or spam about Viagra . Or a company gets hack like Sony and they loss personal information and credit card information and they don't let their customers know right away.

I believe that cloud computing is going to be the future for main stream non computer users. Though I do not believe that we will be more secure for it. I am just waiting for larger of numbers of people losing their passwords and accounts to hackers at coffee shops waiting for that constant connection that is required for you to use your applications and stealing your credentials.

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