Local Tech Repair: Auto Update Blogger to your twitter - twitterfeed

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Auto Update Blogger to your twitter - twitterfeed

I very recently started a twitter account which is my first ever twitter account for local tech repair. I was looking for a easy way to update my twitter with posts from my blogger with out having me having to manually add the each new post to the twitter wall.

So after a little searching it was not hard to figure out how to add blogspot posts to your twitter wall as long as you know a few things. First thing you will need is a twitter account which you probably already have if your reading this. The second is you will need to know the address of your feed for your blogspot account. For instance for this blog we use atom feed to set up the auto feed to twitter.


Every blog on blogspot or blogger has this atom feed already enabled so you will be able to easily use this.

The next thing you will need is to sign up for a free account on twitterfeed.com they have an easy interface to set up your wall posts.

once you login step one will give the feed a name (aka name of your blog "local tech repair" for this blog) then you will need to add your feed address (the second thing you needed to have)

in step 2 you will need to click on twitter and then connect the account to your twitter account.

Now that you have done this your feed should be liked to your twitter account. The only way to test if it works is by creating a new post on your blog and wait for it to show up on your wall. This happened almost immediately for me but ya.

hope this helps,
local tech repair admin

There is also another way if you do not want to use twitterfeed.com
if you go to your settings and then go to feedburner then you can also have it push automatically from there to your twitter.
under feedburner got to publicize then go to socialize and connect it to your twitter account this effectively does the exact same as above but automatically when a new post not ever 30 mins as twitterfeed.com does.