Local Tech Repair: Dvorak keyboard - Learning Day 4

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dvorak keyboard - Learning Day 4

I have been learning Dvorak Teyboard layout recently and now on day four. I am still much slower than I was before but my brain hurts less as it does when it trys to revert to qwerty. I do most my typing on ubuntu because there is an easy switch between the to layouts.

I have been doing some research on if Dvorak is truly faster than qwerty and I have found a few good sources.


to learn how to type faster I have been using a typing program called dvorak7min also been using online typing tests like

I hope by the end of this month to regain my typing speed. though that may be hard sense I use qwerty at work.

I will try to keep this with updates every so often.

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