Local Tech Repair: Google Adsense has an Ad preference manager now.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Google Adsense has an Ad preference manager now.

Google has recently started changing their ads for their adsense program to better serve viewers of the ads. So for instance when you visit this site you get ads targeted to you and what not. Though unlike other advertising companies google allows you to opt out of their interest categories or demographics based on their cookie harvesting or cookie tracking.

If your interested in this then please visit their manager and either opt out or customize it so that you can get less spam and more actual useful ads.
Google Ads Preferences

What I noticed about my self is that the ad preferences that are there are pretty accurate though it assumed that I was older than I was but that is probably because I keep up on a lot of news and topics of interest of me. This hopefully will give web viewers less spam and something that actually interest because I personally am not interested in ads for women or ads that have anything to do with sports, though it is refreshing getting ads that are more along news and computer software and websites that I can later go and review.

Hope you guys check this out,
Local Tech Repair Admin