Local Tech Repair: Keyboard Only Putting Out Numbers on Windows XP

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Keyboard Only Putting Out Numbers on Windows XP

I recently have gotten a computer in that would only type numbers no matter which keyboard you put on it and no mater what key you pressed it would only press from asdfghjkl;' it would type 34567890123 or something very close to that.

Sense I had never seen anything like this before the only thing I could think of is that some malware must have over written the keyboard layout keys so that they where only numbers. But after doing a full virus removal and hardware checks making sure it was not the computer it self having a problem and it not fixing it. Though the computer did have a lot (ish ~500) of adware, virus, rootkits, and the bunch of other things I was wondering if one of these things reset the mapping on the keys in windows. So in doing so I tried to reset the key mapping back to US under the control panel >> Region and language settings

Though that still did not fix it so I was left with only searching the web to figure out if anyone else had this weird problem. And not to my surprise I noticed a lot of people complaining about their Comcast software and Norton software causing the problem. Most people just needed to uninstall and then reinstall the software to get rid of the problem.

The software from Comcast was called Comcast Constant Guard. So after using the Norton removal tool and uninstalling Comcast Constant Guard I noticed the keyboard started working properly again. On the uninstall of the Comcast Constant Guard I noticed one of the reasons why your dissatisfied and uninstalling it is because it would only type 0-9 on the keyboard.

So if your having this problem I don't know if the software started doing the only typing from 0-9 to help protect the user from the malware on the computer collecting the users passwords or not. But it is a good thing that it did mess up for this user because they needed to have those removed before they compromised their bank info or anything else.

Hope this helps resolve the problem,
Local Tech Repair Admin

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