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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Learning to Type - Software

Learning to touch type is one of the most effective skills that a child or worker can learn these days. Sense I have been learning a new keyboard layout called Dvorak I have been trying out a few different websites and open source software in my learning methods.

One of the programs that I have been trying out is one called Klavaro
It not the most graphical typing application but it works very well. They have builds for linux and windows. They support multiple keyboard layouts and different languages in each they support layouts that you want to build our self. It also supports graphing your progress. So you can see the progress of how well your learning and how accurate your doing. they give you words per minute and characters per second which is fun just seeing how well you do compared to the past. If your teaching a class this is an easy one for people to use.

the next would be dvorak7min this is a linux only program. The home screen gives you 29 different tests that work you through learning the whole keyboard in what I think is a very effective way. You don't have to be using a dvorak keyboard to use this program but it may confuze you if you have the keyboard layout above the text which I would just hide anyways. though one thing I like about this one is it does not allow you to make mistakes you must press the letter before it goes on to the next letter. so for instance if the line said 'ahha' and you you typed ahaa it would stop at ahh till you typed the h. the program also keeps Words per second, words per minute, misses, seconds, and your % ratio of misses to characters. I personally prefer this program because it is simple just black and white, or what ever terminal color you have.

Another good typing for Dvorak learning is
they have a nice simple site and will grade you on how fast you type and you can keep trying till you beat your self and move at your own pace.

The nicest online typing to learn I would have to say is
it is very graphically pleasing to look at and they give you paragraphs from literature to type out. Though this may not be the very best for those that are starting out but it is a great place if your teaching a class and your wanting to use something that is random and use it for a test taker. It graphs the users progress and does not require you to register to use it. Though you need to register if you want your progresses saved from one visit to the next. This also does not matter which keyboard layout you may be using whether it be dvorak, qwerty, or colemak your system will translate it all for the website.

I hope this helps people learn typing and know that you don't have to spend a lot to get good free resources.

Parents teach your kids colemak or dvorak!
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