Local Tech Repair: Wordpress Auto Update Twitter and Facebook Page's Wall

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Wordpress Auto Update Twitter and Facebook Page's Wall

When it comes to news sites and blogs getting people to know that you write something or getting people following you is very important for business and website. If you use Wordpress for your blog software and are wondering how to set it up to automatically update your Facebook page lets your users know that there is new information for them to read and hopefully make you some money enjoying your content.

Some things that you will need is Facebook page or Twitter or both, the address to you Wordpress feed location for example http://commonsensepolitics.co.cc/feed/atom/, and a twitterfeed.com account this is what pushes the updates to your Facebook and twitter account.

with these things you should be easily able to setup your Wordpress website/blog to automatically update your facebook pages and/or Twitter wall.

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