Local Tech Repair: Is Facebook Chat Right or Wrong Direction

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Is Facebook Chat Right or Wrong Direction

Facebook Chat used to be a simple chat program that took up very little of the screen making the content that you wanted to see visible with out having many things in the way besides their ads...

Though now facebook has decided to make it a large % of the screen. Is the primary reason why people go on facebook to chat? If so this may be the right direction for facebook to go trying to turn facebook in to a chat room between friends. Though in at-least my eyes it is worse than it used to be I personally liked having filters for my facebook chat being able to minimize different groups of friends and only seeing the friends that I talk to a lot online I don't need to see every high school or college friend on my right side of the screen.

This move makes Facebook more cluttered in my opinion and it makes it continuing on the same road that myspace went. This move could be because they are worried that places like Google+ may steal their audience because of the nice features that google+ has in chat and in simplicity. Though Facebook made it harder to get ride of the chat than it was before. They made it show all friends and not just the ones online which makes it very big and annoying. I really don't care about someone that is not online right now for me to talk to. I rather see people that are online even if I don't talk to them as much as the people that are offline.

With Facebooks continue movement backwards in their development making their site worse than better is one of the main reasons why I personally am moving away from Facebook for more simple and clean places like google+ which gives me much more control over my privacy and information.

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