Local Tech Repair: Google Search Image with an image

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Google Search Image with an image

Google recently updated their google image search so that you can now use an image on your computer or a link to an image to search for more of that image or related images. This can be very helpful if your looking for more images of different sizes if you have a small image or looking for more related images to that exact image.

For example if you had a picture of a church of england but you did not know what it was you could search for it.
This helps find a nice new images or larger ones and can even give you a name.

Though along with this nice new feature comes privacy concerns as always with any new nice improvement anything can be used for good or bad. This is a great tool for any stalker out there he can use a picture he has to try to search for more of who ever he is stalking and see if he can find more sites where that person is members of. This is also good for hackers.

Though if you want to try it out your self you can just go to the following link.
click on the camera and then paste the url or upload the image.

from there it will give you a search result for the image.

Hope this helps you with your searches.
Local Tech Repair Admin