Local Tech Repair: Ubuntu Defragmentation - Defrager for Ubuntu

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ubuntu Defragmentation - Defrager for Ubuntu

There are talk about why linux does not need to be defragged like some older windows file-system types did. Though those that do not think that linux is that great and still needs to be defragmented then there is still hope for you.

It was hard for me to think that my system did not need to be defraged sense I use my system a lot and am always running out of space and deleting things and then downloading more till I have no room left and then doing it all over again. So I decided to see if my system truly did not need to be defragmented like a lot of people say linux does not need to be for ext3 and ext4 filesystem types. So I went on a search for a defrager for linux because there was non in the package managers.

What I found was a very simplistic but functioning defrager called defragfs. So I downloaded it and checked it out. If you want to all you need to do for ubuntu is extract the perl script from the zip file to your home directory or your desktop. Now we just open our terminal and then cd to the directory we put it. So for me I extracted it to my desktop at ~/Desktop then I simply started the script with this command.

Sudo perl ./defragfs /

For those that want to know what this does. The sudo gives the command I am going to type administrator privileges then the perl command tells the file I will be loading is a perl script. the ./defragfs starts the script and the / tells what directory to start in.

So to my surprise the only fragmented files I could find is torrents and I did not even need to run the defrager. my fragmentation rate was ~0.7% so less than 1% I personally think that is amazing seeing that i am repairing a windows computer right now that has an 22% fragmentation on a NTFS drive.

If you want to know why linux does not need to be defraged in more explenation I found a good article here.

I hope you all try this out for your self and see for the fun of it if you have a high fragmentation rate or not. I would love to see if anyone has a higher fragmentatino rate than me.

Thanks for reading,
Local Tech Repair Admin