Local Tech Repair: My Garmin Nuvi 1450LTM

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Garmin Nuvi 1450LTM

Don't think I have ever talked about my garmin before. I personally like the garmin gps because they are nice and at least mine gives me lots of information that helps me in finances and while driving.

As stated in the title I have a Garmin Nuvi 1450LTM. This GPS device comes with lifetime maps, traffic, and lane change.

  • Traffic alerts
  • Map updates
  • Points of interests
  • touch screen
  • 5inch screen
  • Lain Change
  • micro sd card slot

Does not have:
  • Bluetooth
  • internal storage small

I have been using my Garmin for 6 months so far. This helps me a lot sense i can put my destination in and then put other destinations what I need to do before I finally stop and the Garmin will pick the best route for it. not only that I can search for stores, food, etc on the route that I am taking already. The Garmin also has lets me know the current speed of the roads and how fast I am going. which is nice sense I don't always pay attention to speed signs.

When traveling to the city I don't always know my way around which is nice sense the Garmin lets me know what lanes I need to be in for an exit or for turning. Though this feature does not think ahead which is sad. For instance I wish that if a lane has 2 turn lanes and I need to turn right shortly after the light I wish it tells me that I need to be in the right of the 2 turn lanes. This though has not been implemented yet or it may not ever be implemented.

The traffic reports are nice though the city I am in don't really use them that much. But I have ran into cases where I have the Garmin avoid bad traffic which helped me get up for the holiday with out sitting on the high way in stopped traffic it calculated that it would be faster to take some side streets than stay on the high way. Which was very nice. Which brings me to that it calculates when I will get to my destination which is very nice for appointments I can let clients know almost exactly when I will be at their place.

Another interesting thing is that the GPS will calculate the gas cost of going to your destination. This feature I like the most. I put in my vehicle profile and then it calculates information. So when I am at the gas filling up I put how much I paid per gallon and how many gallons it filled up. This calculates with how many miles I drove sense I last filled up and lets me know my average MPG. Not only that but it keeps a records for me. This allows me to see how economical I have been driving. This is calculated by something Garmin calls the ecoRoute which records my speed, braking, and acceleration. Taking all these into account they calculate an overall score. Which you can display on the screen when you drive.

Though all that is nice when it comes to just neat information. But what the Garmin does above and beyond that is that the files they use to store that information are csv files that are comma field terminated. Meaning for those that don't know what that is. you can put this information into a spreadsheet and do your own calculations. calculate how many miles you went see where you went on your computer in an easy format. This is a lot nicer than looking on it on the garmin.

for instance the mileage report shows some things like: date, time, gps start, gps destination, start address, destination address, miles driven, avg. mpg, cost of gas, carbin footprint, and more ecoroute info.
This information is good for many different reasons. One would be calculating for instance where you drive the most and how much that costs. If you run a business you can calculate maybe moving your location to where you drive the most to save money. For parents this shows you if your children really went to the locations that they said they did. sense it records when ever the gps turns on and off. so you can see where they started and where then went when they have your car.

Not only does it give you reports (3 types). but they keep an archive of GPX files for you. so that you can help in places like http://www.openstreetmap.org/ helping creating a better map of the world.

The garmin has a where am I function what will give you a GPS reading of where you are also giving you elevation, the nearest address, nearest intersection, gas station, hospital, and police station. Though this function is nice if you take pictures. You can take this device with you and record where each picture was taken. This is assuming that your camera does not have a GPS installed. Which mine does not.

Over all I am extremely happy with my GPS. It is a lot nicer than a map because when am driving and my wife fell asleep coming back from the beach I don't need to worry about getting lost because I can't read the map.

let me know about your gps or if you have questions
-Local Tech Repair Admin