Local Tech Repair: Removing Google Plus Hot Topics from Stream

Friday, February 17, 2012

Removing Google Plus Hot Topics from Stream

Google has gotten annoying that they removed the ability to collapse the hot topics. So now by default your not able to hide them. which is kinda annoying to me who really only wants to know about my own interest not. hugh jackman's being happy that it is the weekend. So for those that don't already know how to hide them I will show you how.

This is what you will need

Either chrome or firefox with the adblock plus extension installed.

For chrome you will need to right click on the adblock plus button in the address bar on the right.
go to options. Make sure your on "Add your own filter" then add
This is the current class name that they are using for the hot topics as of 2/17/12

Under firefox I used the element hider tool.
if you click on the down arrow next to the adblock plus it will bring you to a drop down menu and you will select "select an element to hide" and it will highlight the page. make sure you highlight the whole of the hot topic post. it will try to block by default the update id which is not what we want. We want to block the class. if you click on the class the element hider helper will show you what the page would look like if that was done. then just add the rule and then your done.

I hope this helps you guys out there remove anything that annoys you on pages.
We are supported by ads on this page though I understand if they annoy you. So we would apreciate it if you did not block ads on our site. If an ad location is very annoying let us know about it and we will try to remove them from that position. last thing we want here at local tech repair is to annoy our readers just to make a little bit more money.

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