Local Tech Repair: Why Amazon Prime over Netflix

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Why Amazon Prime over Netflix

I know a lot of people that have netflix and they are fairly happy with it. Though recently Netflix has been having a hard time keeping their prices down and also keeping their content base up.

Amazon on the other had has over the recent year has been adding many more videos and content to their instant video library. Just today they added MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, TV Land, and VH1 to their already CBS, Fox, Disney-ABC, PBS, NBC, Sony, and Warner Bros. Granted they still have less content than netflix does but amazon offers more in other areas to make up for that.

Netflix costs currently 7.99 a month to keep their service. This means a total of $96 a year. to be able to stream their content on your xbox, ps3, and pc and to some tvs and your mobile phone.

Amazon cost $89 a year or in my case $39 a year because i upgraded from a student account. but either way it still is less than netflix.

Netflix has more content currently than amazon does in ways of tv shows and movies. Though they don't have the most current items. And they have been showing struggling to keep some content on their site with out paying a huge amount to content creators for it. Which is always the struggle for businesses.

Amazon has been able to make deals with content creators to be able to offer there content to their prime members but also be able to rent or sell digital copies of their content. This is what the content creators have been wanting to get netflix to do for a long time. Amazon has made it so that you don't have to go to more than one place to be able to get your entertainment. you can if you want only stream free items but when your wanting to stream a new movie that just came out. then you can rent it from amazon also.

On top of what amazon offers for their amazon prime instant watch they also give you more content for your money in other ways. They offer you their amazon kindle library. This lets you rent books for free from their library. Books like the girl with the dragon tattoo etc. These books are main stream books not just old ones that you don't care about. This is a major plus if your also a book reader along with a video watcher. that or your wife like readings books and you like watching movies. Either way this is a great addition that puts it for me above netflix.

And as always if you do buy other items from amazon the prime gives you 2 day shipping for free so you can get your items you bought sooner.

All in all I personally think amazon is doing a great job in its way of marketing and getting new content for their instant watch. I wouldn't be surprised if here in another year they pass netflix in the content they provide for free making them the big content provider.
This is a link to their most popular free prime instant watch content.
Prime Instant Watch

If you think Amazon prime is a great deal let me know. If you know of a better service also post a comment.

-Local Tech Repair Admin