Local Tech Repair: Android Antivirus What Apps Work and Which Do Not Work

Monday, March 12, 2012

Android Antivirus What Apps Work and Which Do Not Work

I had written an article earlier about a simple test to see which anti virus apps work better for android than others. Though recently AV-Test.org was able to do some more comprehensive tests on the topic. So here is their results.

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If your looking for a free android antivirus that did really well. Avast android is one of the few that did well and it is free.

"Mostly traditional anti-virus vendors are in the top range of the average family detection results (> 90%): Avast, Dr. Web, F-Secure, Ikarus and Kaspersky. Exceptions are Zoner and Lookout which make into the top 7 group. Using these products you don’t have to worry about your malware protection." -- AV-TEST.org

Some of the products that you should be avoiding for buying or it you have bought you should probably just remove them sense they don't do much in the area of protection are Bullguard, Comodo, G Data, McAfee, NetQin and Total Defense which had detection between (40 - 65%).

If your wanting to read the full report of what they have check it out here

I hope this helps you decide one what anti virus apps to get for your android and keep you from wasting money on ones that won't do anything for you.
- Local Tech Repair Admin