Local Tech Repair: SwiftKey 3 Beta

Monday, April 9, 2012

SwiftKey 3 Beta

Not to long ago swiftkey 3 beta opened. I recently got my hands on it to see if they had really made any difference from the swiftkey x app. Right off the bat I did not notice any difference. Though from other bloggers it seems to be that they changed around their UI a little and added a some new themes. If this was a all they did I would wonder why they would make a new product for people to buy. Though it looks like they added some new smarter prediction software based on your sms, gmail, twitter, and facebook.

Cnet's Jaymar Cabebe wrote

So what's new with SwiftKey 3? Most noticeably, there's an improved UI, with a larger spacebar (thank goodness) and a smart punctuation function that rolls out punctuation choices when you hold down the period key. Both of these tweaks, while they may seem minor, help significantly to reduce errors and speed up your typing. There are also two new themes -- "Cobalt" and "Holo" -- so you can customize the look of the keyboard to your linking.

all in all i am not a huge fan of swiftkey mostly because when you go to type something it opens up a box and all you see is the box and the keyboard. I personally prefer flexT9 keyboard as it doesn't take up the whole screen when you guy. so if your needing to see what your typing in context it makes it easier to respond to emails and other things like google searches.

If your looking for the beta you can download it here.

let me know if you think it is worth upgrading from swiftkey x to this newer version. right now less they add more to it, I won't be upgrading my app.

-Local Tech Repair Admin