Local Tech Repair: How the MPAA/RIAA is Taking Away Your Free Speech

Monday, April 9, 2012

How the MPAA/RIAA is Taking Away Your Free Speech

The MPAA is at it again trying to push the judicial system to change laws. The MPAA is trying to change the DMCA law and have it re interpreted by a judge to mean that even if you follow the law and take down infringing material that users put on your website. If you don't take steps in the future to stop it then you should be held liable for what your users do. What the MPAA is trying to do is force search engines and social networking site to literally proactively filter peoples free speech because their may be a key word that is associated with a copy righted movie or song.

Torrent Freak has an in depth article on how the MPAA is trying to do this.

Though we have already seen this happen to a search engine already and how it is hurting legitimate businesses and content creators by filtering out their work. Even though ISOHUNT is the first to be forced to implement a filtering system in the US it will not be the last one. If the MPAA gets enough judicial precedence they will start going after more entrenched companies like Facebook, twitter, and Google. Making these companies put filters on their search results or filter what they will allow to be posted.

Though the MPAA is not stopping their. They are not going to give up on legislation that they have been pushing to redefine the laws in the United States that will cripple new companies and your freedom. Most of us remember SOPA and PIPA guess what they are not completely off the table yet. Yes both houses of congress took them off the schedule for this year though that does not mean they are gone for good.

MPAA Chairman Chris Dodd has boldly claimed that SOPA, or something like it, could very well make a comeback, this time with the support of the tech community....

Dodd was keen to stress that President Obama would have an instrumental role in bridging the divide between the tech and content sectors, despite the White House partially allying itself with the anti-SOPA coalition back in January, to the chagrin of media owners such as Rupert Murdoch. "I'll only say to you that I'm confident he's using his good relationships in both communities to do exactly what you and I have been talking about," Dodd answered when asked about President Obama's role in the January SOPA stand-off.

Since the stand-off, the MPAA and RIAA, and their allies including the influential lobbyists, the US Chamber of Commerce, have been conducting a PR offensive to get SOPA back on track. It seems to have worked, with the White House coming out just last week with a statement of support for SOPA like legislation to "address offshore infringement".

We can see that they are menuvering them selves to already control and force ISPs and other websites to their will. A new bill coming up to congress that will help the MPAA filter your internet is a bill called "Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act" CISPA for short. This bill makes it legal for ISPs to spy on your internet connections. This basically allows them to do a Man in the Middle attack on your privacy if they wanted. Check out how this effects you here in this article. Though they aren't stopping their. They have made backup plans with most the major ISPs in the country to start tracking what your doing and then give you the equivalent of Frances 3 strike law. http://torrentfreak.com/bittorrent-crackdown-center-prepares-to-punish-pirates-120402/

The problem with this is that your guilty less you prove your innocence. Though it will cost you to appeal any warnings you get from your ISP.

Those wrongfully accused Internet subscribers have the right to call for an independent review at the cost of a $35 filing fee. These disputes will then be handled by the American Arbitration Association, CCI announced today.

Though this does not mean you will get a fair review from the CCI as the board members are not really partial.

Surprisingly, the Executive Board is exclusively made up of representatives from the RIAA, MPAA and the ISPs.

RIAA’s Steven Marks has been appointed as Vice Chairman and General Counsel, MPAA’s Marianne Grant is the Senior Vice President, Comcast’s Alan Lewine is Senior Counsel, Verizon’s Thomas Dailey is Chairman, Viacom’s Daniel Mandil is Associate General Counsel and AT&T’s Brent Olson is Vice President of Public Policy.

If you find more information about what the MPAA/RIAA is doing to restrict your freedom of speech post a comment. Also please share this article to get the word out.

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