Local Tech Repair: Amazon is Closing the Gap

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Amazon is Closing the Gap

Amazon is closing the gap between it and the likes of netflix. Recently Amazon has been adding to its Amazon Instant watch collection. They recently added the Paramount Pictures to their collection of films that they offer to watch by streaming to your tv, kindle fire, computer, or ps3.

 So now that they have that you can now watch movies such as Mean Girls, Mission: Impossible III, Stardust, and many more for free if you have their amazon prime membership. Amazon is changing the way that people watch movies and tv and they want to be on the for front of that change just as they where for their ebooks and their kindles

One of the reasons why I love amazon is that they are cheaper than netflix. netflix is 7.99/m for their online streaming service. This comes out to be ~$96/year.

Though Amazon on the other hand is 80/year for their Prime membership. This comes with a lot more than just their streaming service. You also get their 2 day free shipping and their kindle library which allows you to rend a ebook once a month.

Amazon is doing an amazing job of changing of how people consume products and their entertainment. While all at the same time the customer by providing it to them for cheap.