Local Tech Repair: United States Economy Is Bad

Thursday, May 24, 2012

United States Economy Is Bad

Plain and simple the United States economy is doing bad. The President is trying to put an upbeat spin on things but in all reality it is really in the hole. The evidence is all around you just ask your neighbors if they feel they are doing better now than they did a 2 or so years ago.

I know that this does not have a lot to do with technology though I do feel like writing about things other than tech some times. People on Unemployment in the United States as of April 2012 is 8.1% which means that 8 out of ever 100 people you see will be on unemployment. But not only that but 18% of those that are employed are under employed. That means that they took a job or a part time job that is under what they should be earning for their experience and educational level. So this means in the United States 26 people out of the 100 you see will not be making what they should (unemployment + underemployed). This is almost 30% of the population.  But the bad economic news doesn't stop there.

In the United States we have created last month was 115k jobs. At first this number sounds good. Though here in the United States we have an influx of immigration from other countries that come here legally to work for jobs here in the United States. Last year we brought in little over 1m immigrants from other countries. That puts our immigration nearly 100k a month in immigration. But this does not count illegal immigrants.

The amount of people on unemployment also dropped off unemployment is well above the amount that was created floating around 300k. This is because either the people have been on unemployment to long or they have just stopped looking for work because of the job market being so bad.

But that is not the worse why our economy is doing so bad. The people that got hit the worse during this recession and particularly during this presidents term has been the poor. The rich have not been heart that much but those that work for hourly jobs.

There are a few things that cause all other products to go up. Two of these products are Corn and gas. Corn is in almost every food that you buy at the store and gas is needed to get to work and get products to stores. So when either of these products go up and your wages don't go up it hurts the poor in a great deal.  Back on Jan 2009 when Obama took office the United States average for a gal. of gas was $1.62/gal. Though now the United States gas average is $3.68/gal. That is a huge inflation in gas prices over such a short period of time.

Corn also went up. In Jan. 2009 the Corn Farm Price Received was 4.36. Though now that price is 6.14. This is also another sign that prices are just going up with inflation staying low. This causes the poor to pick up the tab. Under Obama the United States has done a horrible job recovering from this recession and many economist are talking about another recession happening.

Currently the United States has been doing horrible job with the economy and providing for its citizens in keeping it strong.

So my question is are you better off today than you where 4 years ago? What do you think needs to change for the United States to become strong again?

hope you all didn't mind my little rant on our current economic situation here in the United States.
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