Local Tech Repair: How to Start Earning Money Online

Friday, May 11, 2012

How to Start Earning Money Online

Earning money online is a complicated process. With out knowing what is out there and what you should and should not do as a beginner can be very complicated. I will go though some of the things that I have learned and hope that others will point out some things that they have learned.

1. Website

Websites are crucial to being able to make money off of others buying online. There are a few different ways you can do this. Blogging is a very popular method of earning money and just expressing what you know about life to others. There are serious different blogging platforms here are a few main ones. Blogger, Wordpress, and Twitter.  The advantage of the first two platforms are you are able to build a website of your own around them. Twitter on the other hand is popular but doesn't give you the ability to design it how you like. Blogger is probably one of the easiest platforms for beginners to start up and to use. Wordpress is for the slightly more technical minded but gives you the ability to do a lot more with it than blogger does,  lot of news organizations use Wordpress. We here at Local Tech Repair use Blogger sense it is just easy to use and doesn't require any hosting, which is my next topic.

Stores are another great way of earning money online. Websites that are store based generally need a hosting service and then another platform to go along with the store. Something like Drupal or Wordpress are good platforms to use for a business store. Stores are a competitive market though can become very profitable.

2. Hosting

Hosting your Website/Blog is actually not that hard to do. If your using the blogger platform you don't need any hosting sense Google hosts the blog for you. This is a good way to start a blog sense you don't need to pay for any hosting service. If your running a store or another platform like Wordpress or Drupal then your going to need to find hosting that supports PHP and has a database like MySQL for your website.

Here is a free hosting service that I use to get websites off the ground. 000Webhost is a free web hosting service that allows you a good amount of space and also good amount of bandwidth. Though the service is not perfect it does help start getting a website off the ground. This helps reduce the cost of starting a website before you know if it takes off or not.

Using a free service is a lot cheaper than paying $5 or more a month for web hosting from godaddy or others. This lets you just need a domain that will cost you money.

3. Ads/Store 

Ads are one of the major mains of earning for any type of blogs. And their are a lot of different advertising methods each with their own specialty and client base. It is important to know what type of website your wanting to create and figure out what nitch your wanting to attract and monetize. Here is an example of what I mean for Local Tech Repair most of our income comes from selling something not from clicking on ads. We focus on news and reviews of products. This leads our audience to buying something and then us earning commission off those items. Though for other websites that are blogs for information about local places Ads that are click based may work better than trying to sell someone for instance a kindle. News websites like Fox news use click based ads where they earn money off of how many clicks they get. These ads are either text based or picture/flash. An example of these click based ads are on the left side of this page there are some from Google Adsense network.

If your running a store then your object is not to inform people but to get them to buy products they are looking for. Google Adsense ads are not useful for these type of websites sense it takes your visitors away from your website instead of staying and buying your products. Ad networks like amazon or Commission junction are great for these type of sites if your not wanting to sell your own products. Though if your wanting to sell your own products it is nice to go with a service like Amazon merchants which allows you to sell your own products on your website and then use their checkout service so you don't have to have your own cart or have to worry about fraud detection or credit charges.

4. Advertising

Getting users is one of the hardest things to do right up there with creating good original content. In today's age it is important to be social with your website and attract your own nitch. Twitter, Google+, and Facebook are some of the best methods to get your website information out there with out costing money. Not to mention when a visitor suggest your website to one of their friends they are more likely to come and check it out. This is some of the strong marketing arms of movies do by leaking clips or trailers on social networking sites trying to get them shared and in tern getting a huge hype about them. One of the best examples of resent is that of the Hunger Games marketing plan. They hyped up the movie on social networking sites that they where able to bring over 200m withing the first opening weekend. Social Networking is important and it gets lots of attention to your site this is important for more than just getting visitors but also getting your brand out there.

I hope you found this information useful. If you used this to start a website let us know what you created and where we can find out about it. So post a little description about your site and a link. This is one of the posts that we will allow these type of posts. Though we will not allow any porn, meds, or questionable links. And as always I hold the right to deny a comment.

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