Local Tech Repair: Pyrit benchmark on new computer build

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Pyrit benchmark on new computer build

As I recently build a new desktop as you can find the specs of here. Though now we can see some of the benchmarks with this computer build.

The system is over clocked to cpu of a 4.33 GHz and the GPU is not overclocked at all.

The system is running a AMD FX8350  and a AMD HD 7970 GHz Edition GPU

After getting cpyrit with CAL++ setup on the backtrack 5r3 64 bit gnome.  The program is able to get a good speed of 130k PMKs/s off the GPU this stays stable for quite some time when cracking. This setup can crack a 8 digit number password within 12 mins.  I do not have 2 cards so I can not test out the cross fire and have not tested with hashcat yet.

If your wondering how well your AMD HD 7970 GHz edition gpu can crack just on stock loads then this is a good example on how well it can do. Though I can not wait to see how well the AMD 8000 HD series are able to do.

-Local Tech Repair Admin