Local Tech Repair: Fighting The Government and Hollywood from Spying on you.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Fighting The Government and Hollywood from Spying on you.

Recently in the world of the internet your privacy means almost nothing. There are companies that want to find out who you are to prevent you from practicing free speech and there are governments out there that don't want you to speak out against them. Privacy on the internet is a major thing to help keep companies and governments in line and honest.

Recently all the major ISPs in the united states have come together with Hollywood to help stop piracy and in turn Hollywood has turned the ISPs into a secret police force. These police with threaten you and cut you off from your free speech if you do not play by their rules. With in this "Six Strikes" plan that Hollywood has pushed on these ISPs they are not monitoring your internet connection to try to find if your router is being used for piracy. I say your router because it is impossible to determine if the owner of the internet connection is the one pirating.  If an old grandma has her wireless internet hacked and used for piracy, that grandma is held liable and harassed by the ISP and threatened with lawsuits by MPAA and RIAA. This will cause traumatic experience for any elderly and also cost them a lot of money trying to defend against these allegations and threats. We on this blog have shown how easy it is to crack into someones wireless and use their internet for what ever you want. Give your hacker a half a day or a few hours and they are into your wireless and they don't need to be parked out side they can be 5 miles away.

Companies like the ISP and Hollywood are not the only ones that are trying to steal your right to privacy. The US Government finds it legal to intercept any internet communication that is going outside the United  States with out getting a warrant.
Not only that with other laws that Obama is trying to force though with executive privileged. The whole idea of protecting copy protection which used to be that it only applied to companies that where trying to steal another's idea and make money off of it. Though now if you are a single person wanting to use a phone that your bought you can not do with it what you want. So if you wanted to make it more secure you are committing a crime that could get you years in prison and be in debt the rest of your life.

So how can you start taking the power away from the government and taking control of it.  One easy way is to prevent the government and your ISP from knowing what your doing online. You can do this by using a VPN service on your devices. This applies to your phone or computer. I provide VPN service to friends and family. Though there are other VPN services that take your privacy seriously. Here is an article from TorrenFreak that has an updated list of good VPNs and not so good ones with their policies.

If you do not take the time to protect your own privacy then you will not have any.

If you need help setting up a VPN service for your android device it is not hard to do. All major android devices have VPN capability turned on the device. For android 4.2 you go to your settings click more.. then VPN and set it up with your VPN service. For older versions you go to your settings, click wireless & networks, and then click VPN settings and set up.

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