Local Tech Repair: Things to Do Online

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Things to Do Online

Recently I have been getting very board with online in general. I left Facebook a while ago and don't really care to be spammed by their ads (special feed adds). So here are a few things that may help pass the time on the web.


  • Try Google plus and check out there communities. 
  • Review your fave rate places on Google Local
    • Not only is this fun and helps your friends find good places to eat. but it helps you find places you may like to eat.
  • Start a Blog and write about your  thoughts. Maybe something that may help others like a Computer repair blog... 
  • Find out how to get involved in your local politics.
    • yes this can be scary, but must likely they are doing something you don't want them to do. 
  • Test to see how far you know your math and learn some more. 
  • Learn how to repair your computer
    • This can be a useful tool to know what resources our out there and can for some people save them hundreds of dollars a year. 
  • If your interested in becoming IT professional or just learn more. 
  • Decide to learn and create your own website. Be it HTML, PHP, or other. 
  • For the more technical people install linux and try it out. If you don't want to do it on your computer run it in VirtualBox VM
  • Learn how to crack Wifi with Aircrack-ng or with a GUI program like WEPCrackgui
  • Do a security Audit on your computer and make sure your firewall is up todate and programs are to.
  • Learn how to encrypt your data 
  • Backup your data to a free webhosting service like https://mega.co.nz/
    • Free 50 GB of secure encrypted backup
Random Things:

And the last thing.... Get off the computer and just do something else. Some times there really is not much to do online and sometimes making your life better helps you have more things to do online. Try finish reading that book you never get around to. 

Well if you have other suggestions then let us know. 

Thanks for reading, 
-Local Tech Repair Admin