Local Tech Repair: Setting up Security Camera with Webcam on Ubuntu

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Setting up Security Camera with Webcam on Ubuntu

Ever wonder what to do with your old webcams in your house. I mean you don't use them anymore right? You have a smartphone for that now.  Well how about turning them into a surveillance system?

Well that is what I have done with mine. I have some old cameras that I can use to record motion using the software motion. Motion software uses the video4linux to grab the images from your video camera then work with that to allow you to view it remotely, determine if pixels change so they know if they need to record, and connect wireless to network cameras.

You can find videos bellow that will help explain all the different settings to make it easy for you to set up your surveillance system. I personally followed this easy videos and it makes it easy to set up your own videos. I just wanted to add that you need to make sure the folder permissions are set for the motion user so that they can read the motion.conf file and save to the folder you specify. If you don't then you may be having problems.

I personally have an old camera I keep looking out the back of my apartment and then just filter out the grass where kids run  past and just record things that run along my patio. I hope you take the time and check out this fun software that can be used for setting up your whole store or house with surveillance cameras.

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