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Monday, September 16, 2013

Website Analytics

I must say we have a geeky community here. It is always interesting to look at analytics and see what type of people look at the site.

We use Google analytics on our site... yes sorry its google but we are already using them for our ads so ya. Google has their analytics on almost every site online so they are gathering info on you even if we didn't on this site. So for that reason we use Google Analytics on our site and it gives an interesting view of our users and what type of people come here.

Back ground stats for comparison.
Global Stats from StatCounter.com
for the last 3 months

Chrome holds the top lead at 42.83% and then IE for 25.77%
Windows holds the top operating system with 84.89% and coming in second would be osx at 7.32% and linux does not even show up on the stats... sad i know.

Mobile devices iOS and android hold 4.27% and 1.55% respectively.

So now that we are done showing global stats for comparison let's look at our own group of users.

Browser Stats
4Android Browser7.81%
5Internet Explorer4.88%
6Mozilla Compatible Agent1.39%
8Safari (in-app)0.87%
9Opera Mini0.51%

This is not unusual though IE is almost nowhere to be seen.  This is surprising seeing that globally and most of the computer repair is for windows which run IE. 

As for OS we have an even bigger surprise on stats for our geeky users. 

1 Windows35.87%
2 Linux33.14%
3 Android14.34%
4 iOS7.71%
5 Macintosh6.17%
6 (not set)2.00%
7 Chrome OS0.26%
8 BlackBerry0.21%
9 Firefox OS0.21%
10 SymbianOS0.05%
OS Stats

This is a huge surprise that we have a large user base that is Linux. Not to mention that Windows which is generally the primary for repair and those that get viruses is such a low percentage. Then again we do not have as of yet any iOS or Mac repair but still have a slightly large percentage.

Thanks for reading,
Local Tech Repair Admin