Local Tech Repair: Standard Trouble Shooting steps for Exchange ActiveSync (EAS)

Friday, October 18, 2013

Standard Trouble Shooting steps for Exchange ActiveSync (EAS)

Trouble shooting your smartphone is a pain and can be hard for your tech support group when they do not have a smartphone to play with themselves to see what you’re seeing.
Some of the most common smartphones in my company are Samsung galaxy s3, galaxy s4, Motorola DROID maxx, and maxx HD. So these are some of the problems that our users get especially after migrating from BlackBerry devices.

I am going to put these in no particular order so use the content tab for help.
Table of Contents:
1.    Activating Smartphone
2.    Getting No Emails
3.    Calendar Not Syncing
4.    Can’t Find CC or BCC
5.    Can’t Find Contacts
6.    Can’t find Backslash
7.    Can’t Attach file to Gmail

So this is how this documentation is going to work.
               We will have our first problem step to check
·                     If this was the problem you have some sub problems to check
·                     You may have a second thing.
               Though if that does not work we will go to next step
·                     Which may have final steps

The client may call if they are having problem activating their phone.

1.    Check if client is locked out of AD
2.    Make sure they are entering the correct information to the corresponding fields.
a.    Domain\Username: domain\Employee# on most phones. Some phones that split the domain and username up will not need a \ in the username field and should only have their Employee#
b.    Server is ActiveSync Address
c.    The previous screen will sometimes have a checkbox for showing password so they can verify that they are typing it in correctly.
3.    Check if Active Sync is enabled on Exchange Management Console
4.    Reboot Phone
5.    Check if client can get out to the internet by surfing the web on the phone
a.    Check to make sure they are not on Wifi by turning wifi off. System Settings -> Wifi -> turn off
b.    Check if they have their Data turned on by going to System Settings -> More…  -> Mobile Networks -> and Data Enabled should be checked and Data Roaming may need to be on if in they are not in a service area.
                                          i.    If they still can’t connect contact the carrier to have them go through the access point settings, network mode, and network operators.
6.    Check with Exchange Admins to make sure they are enabled.
7.    Reset their AD password to make sure that it is new and they are using the correct one.
8.    If still unable to connect. Gather all the steps you have done and assign to IT Exchange Admins to look further into why it won’t connect.

The client may call if they are not getting email on their phone anymore

1.    Have the client check their notifications to see if they are getting a connection error
a.    If they have one that is failed to connect to exchange server. Have them tap on that and update their network password.
b.    Settings > Accounts & sync > select email account from list > Account settings > your email address > Incoming settings > Edit the password field > Click the Done button
                                          i.    GS4: Settings > Accounts> Microsoft exchange active sync > account settings > email address > more settings > exchange settings > change password
c.    Make sure their AD account is not locked out.
2.    Try to do a “Sync Now”  by going to System Settings -> account section (or accounts & sync depending on version of phone) -> Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync (or Corporate) -> click on their email address -> on the bottom left there is a sync now  click on that (other phones will have 3 dots on the top right that they click then sync now)
3.    If they still do not get emails have them check the notifications to see if they got a failed to connect to server.  They may need to update their password for the phone.
4.    If this fails to get there check to make sure their active sync still enabled and AD is fine.
5.    Check data connection (steps above).
a.    If all good remove and re-add their account.
6.    If they still are having problems getting emails on their phone have them open OWA –> Options –> See all Options -> Phone -> Mobile Phones -> Select Phone -> Start Logging
7.    Create ticket to Corporate Exchange Admins.

Their calendar items are not syncing from their phone to their Outlook.

1.    Check to make sure they are getting emails on their phone and that they have a data connection.
2.    Make sure they created the calendar item on the correct calendar. By default Samsung phones will default to “My calendar” (the local phone calendar). They will need to select their email account to have it saved on the exchange server.
3.    Try a “sync now” for the phone and make sure they do not have any failed to connect to exchange server in their notifications.

Client called because they cannot find how to bcc, cc, or add attachments to emails

1.    Open email app and select email to reply to or new email.
2.    Have client select their menu button (to the left of the home button or 3 dots in the upper right).
3.    Have them select bcc, cc, or attachment for which ever they like to do.

 Client calls because their phone contacts are not showing up. (GS3)

1.    From clients home screen click Contacts
2.    Select Menu button
3.    Select Contacts to display
4.    Make sure they have all contacts selected or they select their corporate email account.

Finding the Galaxy s3 backslash key \

1.    123 SYM
2.    1/3 key
3.    4th key second row.
Can’t Attach File to Gmail

1.    If you need to send a file that is not a picture or video. Gmail does not give you the option to do it from their interface.
a.    You can use a file explorer like Root Explorer to find the file then send the file using Gmail. This allows you to attach a file and send a message.