Local Tech Repair: OnePlus One and Firefox MP4 Fix

Saturday, January 24, 2015

OnePlus One and Firefox MP4 Fix

how to fix your one plus one mp4 codec to get videos to play on firefox

for those that don't know already that firefox does not really work well with mp4 on the oneplus one.

here are some things
I'm running cm-11-20141122-NIGHTLY on my OnePlus One and have the same problem with Firefox 33.1. When I run the Firefox 2014-11-23 nightly (36.0a1) it works.
Relevant Firefox bug reports:
It also works on 33.1 when I go to about:config and set media.stagefright.omxcodec.flags to 8 to force software video decoding, except the aspect ratio is wrong on some (all?) videos.