Local Tech Repair: Spybot Search & Destroy

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Spybot Search & Destroy

I just wanted to talk about a really cool free program that I personally use to keep my computer from getting spyware. the program is called spybot S&D.
This program it useful in many ways....

it has a passive blocking on known problems in your web browsers... for IE and for Firefox etc.
it also has a file shredder.... with a few nice temples for easy shredding of your temporary files.

this program has always helped me get ride of spyware and adware on computers i fix. It is one the easiest programs to use as you do not really need to do much. when you first start the program it will ask you to make a backup of your registry so that if you remove something that was not supposed to... it will help you fix that. i use the program on the advance settings which gives me the options to look at the startup programs and also problems in the registry where there are entries that are pointing somewhere but there is no file there (which can be used by spyware and viruses). to help you deat it.

There is also a program called teatimer that is a little more complicated to work with for someone that does not know much about computers... that or is scared of everything on the computer. what it does is block everything trying to edit the registry till it asks you to let it or not.
So if you where installing a program fom a dvd that you bought from the store it will probably pop up saying that it is the spacific file is trying to edit the registry... this is one of the times you would say yes and let it edit it...
though if you where browsing the web and what not and it just randomly pops up when you go to a website. then that may be an indication of something bad trying to edit it.

you do not have to install teatimer if you do not want to though it does help keep the computer a lot safer but can annoy some users where they just start clicking yes on everything which defeats the point of having it.

well there is a little bit about spybot i hope some of you download it and install it to give it a try.