Local Tech Repair: Startup

Thursday, July 16, 2009


i just wanted to make a quick post about how you can make your computer go faster.

one thing a lot of people over look when their computer is getting older and they have had it for a long time is how many programs that are starting up...

i mean your printer does not need to start up every time you start your computer( it will start automatically when you need it).

that and quick time, itunes helper, realplayer, etc. there are a lot of programs that just start up automatically and they probably are not the first things you start when you start your computer. i know i do not start realplayer, itunes, and quick time and use them all right when i start my computer up... (first thing i do is use firefox).

so how do we fix this?

well on windows xp and vista (maybe some others *shrug*) you can turn these off and on.

  1. you will need to click on start
  2. go to run*
  3. type in "msconfig" with out the quotes
  4. then click on the startup tab (all the programs that autostart when you turn on your computer)
* if run is not in your start menu you can add it...
1. Right click an open area of the Taskbar
2. Select Properties
3. Select the Start Menu tab
4. Tick the "Start menu entry and click the "Customize" button to the right.
5. Scroll the list until you find the "Run command" entry.
6. Place a checkmark in the "Run command" checkbox.
7. Click OK.

also if you do not know what something is and are worried you may turn off something bad... here is a place to look to check if it is safe to turn off or if it is something bad and you want to turn it off.


well i hope this short post helps some people speed up their old windows computers and maybe some new computers that want to stay fast.