Local Tech Repair: Cookies

Sunday, August 15, 2010


For those that are concerned about privacy online cookies are one of those things that threaten that privacy that you seek. Some of you may know that you should delete off some of your cookies every so often because of a lot of them are tracking where you go all over the internet spying on you. If you don't know how to delete them here is an easy way in firefox just go to tools-->Cear recent history remember to click on cookies and select how long you want to delete for.  If you don't want to do that every so often because you may forget firefox makes it easy to set settings on how often and what to delete.
If you open up your preferences and go to privacy you can change those settings. I will show you what i have set.
as you noticed my remember history is only 7 days as i don't really want it remembering for 90 days but maybe that is just me for other people you may want to know what you did for the last 3 months but *shrug* anything i want to remember i normally bookmark anyways. but the important part here is the last 3 check boxs. do you want them to accept cookies, accept from third party, and to clear history when firefox closes. i like clearing info when ever i close my firefox so that they do not know when ever i start firefox up and know where i go even if i do not go to one of their sites. if you click on settings you can tell what to delete, this is what i have:
 i like keeping my browsing history for  my own personal comfort every so often. Though i don't need cookies and i can login to a site when i need to.  This is some good settings to help clean up your cookies and keep your web browsing more private.

Though this still does not fix it. Websites are still finding ways to track you and ads are also.
you may have heard of flash cookies before as from this article or many others. These cookies try to bypass the usual deleting methods and keep tracking you with out you knowing. If you like to delete them or even see which sites are tracking you well you can go here. you may be surprised at how many are keeping info on your computer and a good bit of those are tracking you or your kids.

well i hope this article helps you help you take back your privacy from corporations and back in your hands.