Local Tech Repair: Password Recovery

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Password Recovery

Have you ever lost a password to your computer? maybe you where repairing someone else's computer that your friend gave you and never told you the password. I am going to try to help you gain access to that computer so that you can recover that password.

There are many different ways to reset a password to an account either on windows or on other operating systems. though recovering passwords is a little bit harder than just resetting it. so lets look at a simple way to recovery that password.

The the program Ophcrack helps with recovering passwords from mac, linux, and windows OS. this program makes it relatively easy to use. the last time i used it was 3 years ago when i was helping friend that left his computer at college and he had forgot his password. all i had to do is put the cd in and run the cd and it did all the rest and cracked the password and told me what it was.

so how do you do this?

well the you will need to go to their website and download the ISO for the cd.  then burn it to a cd using one of the built in programs in your OS or a program like infraRecord.

Once you have the cd or dvd you will need to start up the computer you want to recover the password from and then open the boot options (on my computer it is F10 during bootup, some dells it is Esc) which should show which button to push during the boot menu (Which is normally the black screen that displays the name of the computer aka like "Dell" or "Acer").

Once you open the boot menu is open you want to select your dvd drive which has the cd/dvd in it.

From this point it should automatically start working. What will happen is that it will boot a linux OS off the cd and then grab the windows SAM file or what ever OS your doing it on. Then grab the hashes and start running them against a rainbow table for the LM or NT which should crack them very fast.

Then show them to you. when it finishes you just need to write down the password that if cracked and then you just reboot and your able to log in again.

I hope you enjoyed.