Local Tech Repair: Web Hosting

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Web Hosting

Web Hosting and Website building. 

I am going to try to help those that are looking to build a nice little free website to host your stuff that you want on. 

one website hosting services that i like and use is http://www.000webhost.com/ they are a nice free hosting service with php and mysql for you to use. This is great when you want a site that is more than just info on a page of html. 
php will allow us to easier update multiple pages and the mysql will help us build sites that are more interactive with the user and enable us to make them password protected if we like. 

The first thing we should do is sign up for a free account at 000webhost.com  you don't need to worry about a domain name right now you can just sign up for one of their free domain names. granted you will have something like site1.com after your name but it is free. 

some tools we will need to get are some of the following: filezilla and (eclipse, netbeens, or dreamweaver) these 2 programs will help you develop the website with ease. 

This is your basic set up to start working on your website. 

Now comes the more difficult part deciding what your website will look like. if you don't know much about css or html then that is ok. you can still make a beautiful website with some of the many free templates out there. Open Source Web Design is a good start to look at what there is free out there.  That or you could go to Free Layouts and they have the designs in different types of categories. Both are good sites to start your look for a beautiful design for your website. 

in the next post i will explain how to take the html template and brake it down so you can make your own template that will be easier to work with and a lot less of a hassle later on to update links and what not. If your interested in learning more about web design or want to learn more about sql and php that we will be working with a little later just take a look at these books