Local Tech Repair: Computer Over Heating?

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Computer Over Heating?

Does your laptop or desktop over heat a lot? one of the most common causes of over heating is that of jam packed fans with dust. yes dust can cause worlds of problems when you are working on a computer and can cause your computer to shut off randomly or just heat up a lot when just doing basic things.

when ever i fix laptop computers i always take a dust can and un screw the bottom of it to get to the fan and clean it out .  even in the most clean houses dust and hair get stuck up in your fan causing it to have a hard time moving and cooling down your cpu and gpu.

For those that have desktops if is very important not only to clean out the cpu fan and the mother board but also the power supply unit. If you do not know what that is if you look at the back of your computer it is the fan right next to where you plug in the power cord in to the computer. If your cleaning that out I suggest doing it from inside out so that you don't just blow the dust into your computer instead of outside your computer.

another thing to do if you have a desktop is check if you have any dead bugs.

cleaning out the dust is a good way to keep your computer parts lasting longer and keeping them cooler. heat hurts computer components over time and will just cause your laptop or desktop to die sooner and causing you to have to buy a new one sooner costing you more money in the long run.

Another thing I have found is that laptops with a GPU on them generally your $700 and up laptops are fairly poorly designed and do not give enough air intakes to allow the computer to cool off enough. This causes me sometimes to have to take off one of the plates on the bottom of the laptop to let more air in and if I am playing a process and GPU intensive game then I will need to add a lap fan to the bottom of it to help keep it cool so that the computer doesn't shut off the computer to prevent your cpu or gpu from over heating and killing them. so if you have this problem while playing games you may want to check out getting a lapfan or just trying to take off one of the bottom panels to help get it cooler.

I hope this helps you keep using your computer longer.

Thanks for reading from your admins at Local Tech Repair