Local Tech Repair: Slow computer slowing you down? (Windows)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Slow computer slowing you down? (Windows)

Have you ever sat on your computer and it was just slow. you scan your computer and there is no viruses round no spyware but it still just slow not like it used to be when it was faster. 
you may have heard of programs from companies like double my speed.com or what not. these programs are generally pointless and just a waste of money. If you want to repair your computer like a lot of your local repair shops in town to speed it up then keep reading. 

one of the major tools that these repair shops use is a program called CCleaner it is a free registry cleaner that i have used many times my self. It generally just cleans up the computer. It has an amazingly simple to use GUI (graphical user interface) that you really don't need to know anything about computers to really use it and benefit from it. 

another from the same company is defraggler this program is a disk fragmentation program. what this means is that over time when you use your computer installing, creating documents, downloading thing, and what not and then deleting and uninstalling things that your disk get fragmented. so if your computer can't find one space on your hard drive to fit a 700mb movie file then it will split that 700mb movie file in different parts so that it can fit on your hard drive in different physical locations. the nice part of this is you can fit larger files on your with out worrying as much about the size. 

the problem is that when your trying to play a blue ray mkv file that is 6gb in size and is spread all around your computer it makes it a lot harder for the hard drive to read and slows down your computer. 
for instance if the first part of the file is at the center of your computer the hard drives reader has to move to that location and if it is just 1mb it does not stay there long till it moves to the next location and if that is on the outside of the hard drive it has to move a long distance to just get that part. 

so how this looks in real life it is like trying to talk to someone on opposite sides of town. when you want to say something you have to drive across down and say your sentence then go back. when they want to say something to you they have to drive across town and then tell you what they want to say. wouldn't it be easier to have your whole conversation in one location? well yes

so defraggler tries to solve that exact problem. instead of having to drive back and forth when you want something defraggler when you run it will try to reorganize the files so that they all fit nicely together. you can also set it so that AVI, mkv, etc files are at the back of the hard drive. 
this program goes above and beyond the built in defrager that comes with windows. give it one night of working and you will have a more organized hard drive tomorrow. 

I hope these free programs help you and your computer move faster.