Local Tech Repair: Firefox 64 Bit Problems with Pandora

Friday, April 15, 2011

Firefox 64 Bit Problems with Pandora

For those that have been using a 64 bit browser like that of Firefox 64 bit or others will notice programs like Pandora radio will not work because the browser will not recognize the flash player that it automatically tries to install.

The reason for this is that the browser doesn't naturally recognize a 32bit version of the flash player plugin that it tries to install on your computer. Though this is an easy fix. For instance you can make your browser only enable the 32 bit version but this would take away the advantage of using 64 bit. so the fix is using a 64bit version of flash player.

Right now there is no offical release of a 64bit version of their flash player but they are developing a 64bit version. So if you want to the advantage of the 64 bit you can always try out Adobe's test versions. Adobe calls their 64 bit flash player that is in their lab "Square".
if you install it you will be able to play pandora on your 64 bit version of firefox.

right now i am using the nightly version of firefox 6.0alpha on a 64bit windows 7.

You can use this on windows, linux, and macs.

here is a link to the download page for the test versions


i hope this helps you out in your figuring out why pandora and other apps where not working in your newer browser.

-local tech repair.