Local Tech Repair: Open Office No longer Ubuntu's default office suite

Monday, April 4, 2011

Open Office No longer Ubuntu's default office suite

It looks to be that Ubuntu is dropping its default office suite that used to be Open Office which is now owned by Oracle. They are moving to an office suite called LibreOffice

LibreOffice is a branch off of the older Open Office suite that looks to be not a purity future for the old suite. Oracle has not been known for one that develops open source software so there has been concern over if there will be development in open office enough or if there should just have been a split and let the older software that was purchased by Oracle when they bought out sun Microsystems.

You do not need to worry about your documents being compatible as the Libre software supports everything that open office was able to do. It should have some of the same feel to it as Open Office has but it will be further developed and rely less on Oracle's Java.

"On 28 September 2010, several members of the OpenOffice.org project formed a new group called "The Document Foundation" and made available a rebranded fork of OpenOffice.org, which they dubbed LibreOffice. The fork was created over fears that Oracle Corporation, after having recently purchased the suite's creator and main developer, Sun Microsystems, would either discontinue OpenOffice.org as it had done with OpenSolaris, or more likely take a generally authoritarian and less "open" approach in its development."

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