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Monday, April 4, 2011

Browser Stats for Local Tech Repair

For those wondering what our browsers stats have been sense we started this blog. I will show you some of the numbers on which browsers visit the site the most.

here is a small list of some of the browsers and their percentages:

  1. Firefox 41.26%
  2. Chome 32.11%
  3. Internet Explorer 13.31%
  4. Safari 11.68%
  5. Opera 1.00%
  6. Mozilla Compatible Agent .33%
  7. Konqueror .17%
  8. RockMelt .17%
the interesting thing is that rockmelt spends the most time on average on the site. then comes chrome and then firefox.
it seems that the more techy the browser the longer you stay on the site.

figured some of the folks that read this blog would like to know or be interested in seeing some of the numbers.

hope you have a wonderful day

-local tech repair