Local Tech Repair: How to Prevent Viruses on Windows

Saturday, May 14, 2011

How to Prevent Viruses on Windows

Getting viruses on your computer can be costly in both time and if you get them professionally removed then it may cost you a bunch of money. To keep from having to waste all that time and money and keep your computer healthy and your private data safe it is better to prevent your self from getting viruses in the first place.

The first thing you will need is to make sure that there is not already any viruses or worms on your computer to start with. If your starting with a new computer is always the best.

so step one would be installing firefox, chrome, opera, or another web browser other than windows IE. If you must use IE then make sure it is updated to the newest version which right now is version 9.

the second thing is to get a good anti virus installed on your computer and always download the anti virus software from their venders website not anywhere else.
for a list of anti virus software you will want to visit.

AV test test different anti virus software against many different known viruses out there and sees how many false positives and false negatives that each vender has and also test usability and how well they repair if the computer does get infected. Going of their rating is a good way to compare anti virus software.

if you like to read reviews and compare different anti viruses to each other you may want to check out the following website.

These websites are great starts to finding the best anti virus software that fits your needs.

The third step that you will want to take is to make sure you have a good anti malware program. I would personally suggest getting spybot S&D and malware bytes.

Fourth thing you will need to do is not use P2P programs like limewire, frostwire, or bittorrent. If you must use them then read comments on your bit torrent site to make sure that other users are not noticing that the files do not contain viruses. If a video asks you to install a codec to run the video do not install the codec as it is most likely a virus. For all the codec that you will ever need please download http://www.cccp-project.net/ as it will have all the codec that will ever be on any torrent site. And if the video still asks you to install a codec from a site then try to find a different torrent with the same video as the one you got was not good.

don't download random games online or get "free" ringtons as a lot of the time these things contain viruses. A good site to download random thing from is http://download.com

And always keep your computer up to date. Turn on Windows auto Update.

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also check out the link below for updated certifications on anti virus programs for the best that fits you