Local Tech Repair: Want To Trust a Website?

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Want To Trust a Website?

Have you ever gone to a website to find out that what they had was horrible ads on the site or that the site information that you found on the site was not accurate or trustworthy? Well the web is not a very safe place and a lot of times you can't trust what people write on the web. so how to fix this?

If your running Firefox web browser there is a plugin for the browser called Web of Trust which is a plugin that users rate websites on 4 different things: trustworthiness, Privacy, Child Safety, and Vender Reliability.

I would suggest that everyone get this for their Firefox browser as it is an amazing plugin that helps you see if a site is good or not before you even get to the site. For instance if i am googling local tech repair the plugin will automatically check each link on google and show either green, yellow, or red depending on how safe the website is.

You can also set the plugin to warn you if your going to an untrusted website or a site that you have given a poor rating to.

I hope every one of you go out and get this application as it is a wonderful safety tool and helps you better research when your on the web by automatically showing which sites are good or not.

local tech repair admin

ps. I hope we can earn a good rating for our users. If you are concerned by anything you can always let us know.